Industry 4.0 Conference

Transformation 4.0 conference


Harel Mallac Technologies partners with TeamSYNthesis in paving the future Industry 4.0 (I4.0).

Flying Dodo, 21st August 2018 - Team Synthesis in collaboration with Harel Mallac Technologies talks about the industrial transformation through Technologies.

Industry 4.0, the future of industries in African countries will be changing the way we live, work and interact.

As the noise amplifies around I4.0, the Leadership 4.0 conference taking place this September in Mauritius will enable leaders to better anticipate emerging challenges, lead organizational changes and translate strategies into realities. We come with blueprints and action plans to respond to the megatrends of futuristic digital transformation and ensure incorporation of Transformation 4.0 in organisations.

Industry 4.0 is all about quality change, empowered by technology and allowing connectivity of processes with a central aim of improving productivity and competitiveness” – said Charles Cartier. “A new digital landscape is being created in Mauritius. This conference is taking place at the right time and it is important to have the participation of both private and public institutions.

This transformation will impact every industry, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture including the Government sector with the need to adopt a faster pace so as to meet the upcoming revolution.” – explains Dev Sunnasy, President, MITIA.

The fourth revolution plays an important role both in the digital technology and working life of an employee - enabling digital leaders to foster a transparent and innovative culture that can bend and move as change and situations dictate.

Looking forward to the future, Shateeaum Sewpaul, General Manager at Harel Mallac Technologies said: “The I4.0 directly relates to the Technology industry and is in line with the ambitions and objectives of Harel Mallac Technologies in Mauritius and the region. We strongly believe that this conference will give a new dimension to the way industries are performing and will act as an opportunity for leaders and executives attending the conference to benefit from the different renowned international speakers on different subject matters.”

Industry 4.0 is bringing exciting technological change but we’re equally interested to see the effect it has on how people work and interact with the tech and each other in the future.

Harel Mallac Technologies in collaboration with Team SYNthesis encourage people all over Africa to be a part of the conference. Together we’ll dive into the subject of Transformation to come up with solutions to position Mauritius as a significant and influential player in the region. We believe that industries in Mauritius are equipped with the key ingredients to be an incubator of the I4.0 for other African countries. It is about orienting that disruption and preparing for the future.” said Shateeaum Sewpaul while talking about Industry 4.0 Opportunities.

We invite you to listen to our international guest speakers on September 26th and 27th who will elaborate on the 9 components of this new revolution, linking the virtual world to the physical world. Register here:

 “If we cannot bring Mauritius to the world, we will bring the world to Mauritius”- quote from Tan Chee-Peng, Chief Executive Office, TeamSYNthesis.


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