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Harel Mallac Technologies presents the Dell Hyper Converge Infrastructure Solution.

Domaine Anna, 20th July 2018 – Harel Mallac Technologies, the leading technology integrator in Mauritius, presented the new Dell Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solutions during an event at Domaine Anna. This event was organised in collaboration with Dell EMC, the world leader in IT Transformation in presence of customers and Dell representatives.

Digital Transformation has become a buzz word in today’s business environment. It’s a term that describes the trend of finally integrating digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally transforming how companies operate and how they deliver value to their customers. This transformation process is largely driven by the fast-changing technology trends worldwide

«As IT leaders strive to prepare, promote and propel digital transformation, they are turning to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) as a go-to solution. HCI solutions are extremely simple to install and manage compared with traditional three-tiered architecture models. They are also extremely cost-efficient, typically reducing total cost of ownership by a high double-digit percentage» says Peter Neubert, Senior Manager at Harel Mallac Technologies.

He further adds that «Harel Mallac technologies are extremely pleased, to present the Dell Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solution namely DellEMC VxRail. This solution offers extreme configuration flexibility to choose the performance, capacity, and graphics capability needed to meet your HCI workload requirements. Dell is as per the latest Gartner report, the leader in HCI solutions»

Harel Mallac Technologies has been a direct partner for DELL for over twenty years supported by a team of experienced engineers and a history of successful implementation of several mission critical sites in Mauritius. This event is yet another testimony that Harel Mallac Technologies continues in its pursuit of offering the best of breed technologies and innovation to the market.

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