Students and Teachers

Creative Cloud gives all the apps needed for any creative field you want to explore. You can seriously make almost anything. Create and share an animated video in two minutes or make a feature film with the same editing tools they're using in Hollywood. Make a website for your band and discover what a creative genius you are.

Schools and Universities

Creative Cloud gives your college or university unlimited access to the latest versions of Adobe's industry-leading creative apps and services, plus hassle-free administration, education-friendly pricing, and licensing designed to fit any of your learning environments.

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  1. Simple Administration
    Centrally manage apps and licenses through an easy-to-use Admin Console. Deploy apps across your department or entire institution. Quickly reassign licenses as students graduate.

  2. Big Savings
    Contracts are standardized so you can purchase licenses as you need them. Volume discounts make budgeting easy and predictable.

  3. Flexible Licensing options

    Device licenses are offered for labs and classrooms, and named-user licenses for educators, staff and students using their own devices.
Adobe Software Recommended Selling Price (excl. vat) (USD)
  Commercial Education
Creative Cloud 1,000 533
Acrobat XI Professional 500 173
Lightroom 171 90
Dreamweaver CC 476 222
Photoshop & Premiere Elements 175 133
Photoshop Elements 117 N/A
Photoshop Extended CC 1,190 333
Illustrator CC 714 222
InDesign CC 833 222
Audition CC 416 167
Fireworks CC 357 111
Premiere Pro CC 952 389
After Effects CC 1,190 389
Photoshop CC 833 N/A


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